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@lightweight Thanks for taking the time to respond. I don’t think I share your opinion to the same degree but I’m glad to get your perspective.

@lightweight Would you prefer that Microsoft didn’t add any Linux compatibility at all?

I think I don’t understand what a step in the right direction would look like. It’s hard to defend Microsoft but they’re slowly transitioning more and more of their ecosystem to open-source and they are contributing patches upstream.

@lightweight You don’t think adding the Linux kernel to Windows is a step in the right direction?

@cwebber Thanks for sharing the article. It seems like a language had two options: grow our die.

There are always new patterns and new ideas coming out and I wouldn't say unused features is necessarily a bad thing.

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@rain I don't understand the appeal of Medium for a publisher. You will still need to bounce the user to your SSO but often this means the user won’t have to input any credentials.
They will see the page flash up and then they will be logged in.

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@d4klutz NextCloud supports Active Directory and you can create groups, projects, and real-time collaborate on documents.

It even supports video calls and many more collaborative features.

@mike I've always wondered how many computers die each year do to bad timing of power outages.

@koenaro I have a backup folder of an old computer that itself has a backup folder of an even older computer.

Thanks for the replies. I suppose this is a great reminder that we need to be careful who we entrust our data to. By necessity we put a lot of trust in whoever hosts our data.

Mastodon could end up in a worse position because it's hard to audit who is hosting each server and what their privacy and security policies are.

How do the users on my server know that I don't rummage through their private DMs or store the backups insecurely or apply the latest patches?

@murtezayesil I've used both the F-Droid and paid Play Store versions and both were too buggy for me to keep using.

@nicd I'm still new to this so I haven't ventured far beyond this community and

I'd be interested in a more general programming server though. Really I would like a way to follow hashtags on other servers.

@Batcastle It's definitely worth figuring out. I setup my instance to run against Wasabi so now I have really inexpensive, unlimited storage.

I also use it for my contacts, calendars, and notes. It syncs really well across all my devices.

@murtezayesil I also use Tusky. I really like Fedilab's ability to follow other servers but it's so sore and buggy I have resorted to the web browser for that.

+1 for DAVx5. It also does CardDav really nicely.

@nicd @jordan31
I follow the local timeline of multiple servers to solve that problem.

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