@lilpurplekitty @caleb @ctrlaltdog yeah, I'm on Firefox with Tree Style Tab for now. it sucks to be pushed into a Chrome (Blink) / Firefox (Gecko / Servo) duopoly (Safari (WebKit) is still there, but it's not as major as it used to be with Blink now), but unless MS suddenly decides to open-source the Edge that was, we're pretty much stuck with that for a while. :dead:


@bb010g @lilpurplekitty@mastodon.cloud @ctrlaltdog Tree Style Tab is the biggest thing I miss after switching to Brave.

Both projects have a lot of dirty laundry. Firefox is the last remaining browser engine not controlled by Google and Brave is focused on protecting user privacy.

I was on Firefox for a long time until I got fed up with them not agressively protecting privacy and decided to switch. But that was hard because that put me on Google's engine.

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