Linux subsystem on Windows is a lot like taking a magnificent eagle... and sticking it in a small cage. It's solid step in the wrong direction, folks.

@lightweight You don’t think adding the Linux kernel to Windows is a step in the right direction?

@caleb nope. It's wrapping freedom in a proprietary cage. A major backward step.

@lightweight Would you prefer that Microsoft didn’t add any Linux compatibility at all?

I think I don’t understand what a step in the right direction would look like. It’s hard to defend Microsoft but they’re slowly transitioning more and more of their ecosystem to open-source and they are contributing patches upstream.

@caleb to be clear: I think the world will only be better without Microsoft. Arguably the only good thing they've ever done was to be so evil and incompetent that they triggered a couple generations of FOSS devs to route around them. And I'm not sure that really qualifies as good :) .


@lightweight Thanks for taking the time to respond. I don’t think I share your opinion to the same degree but I’m glad to get your perspective.

@caleb for what it's worth, I've been doing this a LONG time (25 years)... my considered opinions are on - and this about corporations specifically:

@caleb if MSFT really wanted to demonstrate they've "changed"... this is what they'd do: - but I'm 99.9% sure they never will. I'd LOVE them to prove me wrong.

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